Elias Trad

Cinematographer, Director of photography 

My craft is to create a visual language (film and photography) that not only tells a story, but also connects with the viewer on a deeper, subliminal level. 


I graduated from France’s prestigious Conservatoire Libre Du Cinema Francais in cinematography and editing and I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in cinematography from Al Kafaat University, My work ranges from film and digital narrative feature films, to television and documentaries. I have extensive experience in all departments on set, working my way through the industry as a VTO, 2nd AC, 1st AC, DIT and Camera operator before becoming a director of photography. This experience equips me with invaluable in-depth knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking.


Most recently worked as a 1st AC on THE FAST and THE FURIOUS 7, one of the highest-grossing movie franchises of all times, directed by James Wan and starring Vin Diesel.

I am passionate about the documentary projects I have shot all over the world from Paris to India to Africa to Sri-Lanka. I am flexible in my storytelling abilities and always push myself to the limit to get the right shot.